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As if the first day’s experience was not enough, the second day was extraordinary. I was forced to increase my expectations after my experience on the first day and I am not exaggerating when I say the conference was POWERFUL. 
“The oil you carry, nobody can take from you but be shameless in borrowing containers/jars…your oil potentially has an infinite Grace to accomplish all things in your life but when your mind or spirit fails to open up to a new dimension or you close up spiritually, you begin to limit God” Read 1 Kings 17:10-16. 
Ps. Aryitey emphasized the need for us to create capacity in order to be fruitful. He related borrowing containers/jars to seeking wisdom or help from others. We can not do all things; God has placed people in our lives who are skillful, talented or have a handle on and in the areas we struggle in and we need to take advantage of and shamelessly seek the fruit of oil that they carry. 
Ps. Aryitey went on to speak on prayer, stating that “everything is subject to prayer…prayer is the key to fruitfulness and to be fruitful, we’ve got to be shameless in our audacity (merited because we have GRACE) when it comes to prayer; knowing the God we are praying to”.
He cautioned us not to go to the place of prayer without the confidence that God hears and will answer (Psalm 65:2) because if we pray in limitation, our answers will be based in limitation. We need to shift our perspective when praying and the right perspective is acknowledging that God is exponentially greater than any situation we may be facing, he added. 
Again, the atmosphere was set, we anointed ourselves with oil as directed by Ps. Aryitey and concluded the night with an amazing and powerful time of prayer which I wish never ended! My spiritual life has not been the same after this conference!
Have you ever had an experience which you did not have enough words to describe? Excuse me while I reflect and process all that occurred at this conference. Walking out of the venue, RCCIC, knowing that God exceeded my expectations, I left Strengthened, Graced, Impacted, Inspired and most importantly EMPOWERED to be a leader and live a fruitful life. 
 Wise words from Ps. Aryitey “Be worried about your future because you will live there..."                                                                                                                                     

 E-Nation here’s to abiding in the vine and living fruitful lives!!! ​​


 - Akosua B.