Take Heed to The Ministry

What is Ministry?  (part 1)

By: Ps. Benjamin Joseph

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​It is compulsory that at this point, we are clear in our minds what “the ministry” is, else it will be difficult to identify our own ministry.

Ministry is simply service in Christ, for His glory and the blessing of others.

It is Christ at work in you, reaching out, touching others, and transforming them into living temples.

It is what you do for Christ by reaching the lost and building the body of believers [the Church] into the image of Christ.

It is work, a function, a responsibility, something you do—a service you render to the Lord and on his behalf to others.

Its nature is spiritual, supernatural, and eternal. It requires the supernatural power to accomplish it and it is the only work with eternal consequences.

The ministry has a general and personal aspects to it. The general aspect is mandatory for every believer regardless of your personal role. In fact, it is where ministry begins. It includes ceaseless devotion to intercession, soul winning, disciplining, and sending out—to take new territories—schools. villages, towns, cities, states or even countries for Christ- Rom 15:20.

The personal aspect is the work the Lord has directly or indirectly assigned you in his body. It is what you have been equipped and graced for—such as pastoring, singing, administering, leading, giving and so on, see Rom 12:1-8, 1 Cor. 12:3-11, 12:28-31, Eph. 4:7-13.​

-Ps. Benjamin J.