And say to Archippus, take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it. Col 4:17 KJV

The book of Colossians obviously, was written by Paul, the apostle. He wrote it while in prison in Rome around the end of AD 62. It is said to have been written concurrently with Ephesians and Philemon.

It is notable that Paul had never been to Colassae hitherto, yet, singles out Archippus to offer him this instruction; a charge if you like.

Who was Archippus?

So who was Archippus? How significant was he in the church at Colossae to warrant this special mention from this eminent apostle of God?  Some bible historians assert that he was a young assistant to Epaphras- the pastor of the Colossian church, who at this point was in Rome to minister to Paul in prison.

Other scholars, weighing on evidence from Philemon 1:1-2 think he could possibly be the son of Philemon and, or, a pastor of the church in his house.

Whoever he was, it is remarkable that Paul would regard him reliable and capable enough to single him out and urge him on to fulfil God’s plan for his life. Referring to the young man as a fellow-soldier implies he was actively involved in the fight for the Gospel of Christ and that a lot depended on him getting his work of the ministry fulfilled.

It is important to mention that, at this point the Colossian church was rife with heresy and a good number of the believers, had become slack in faith consequently. The times were urgent, hence Paul charges Archippus to step up and take responsibility.

Paul wanted him to know he had received a ministry. This ministry was received the day he came into Christ. However, more than that, Paul impressed upon him the pressing need to attend to this-divinely-assigned ministry with earnest watchfulness and to complete it!

According to tradition, the young man not only rose to the occasion, but went on to become the first bishop of Laodicea and subsequently died as a martyr in a place called Chonae.

-Ps. Benjamin J.

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Take Heed to The Ministry

Who was Archippus?

By: Ps. Benjamin Joseph